Events 2012/2011


Events of JICA Alumni Association of Kosova:

09.12.2011, Meeting – Regional Meeting of JICA Alumni Associations of Balkan

17.11.2011, Seminar – “Hospital Management TQM – For a Better Tomorrow For All”

09.10.2011, Japan Day in Prishtina


23.07.2011, Japan Day in Prizren

28.06.2011, Memorial Concert in Honor of the Victims of the Massive Earthquake followed by a Tsunami that hit Japan on 11 March, 2011

09.06.2011, Seminar – Mega-City: Environmental Policy and Environment Management System

11.03.2011, Seminar – Reproductive Health Strategy for NGO Senior Officers & Capacity Development of NGO toward Sustainability

10.03.2011, Seminar – Chief Information Office (CIO) for E-Government Promotion

07.03.2011, Seminar – Identifying the Risks of Land Slide and Flooding in Kosovo

28.02.2011, Seminar – Local Governance

27.01.2011, Seminar – Local Environmental Management

14.01.2011, JAAK Annual Meeting