Events 2010/2009


Events of JICA Alumni Association of Kosova.

14.12.2010, Cooperation JICA – Government of Kosovo

13.11.2010, Japan Day 2010


07.-08.10.2010, Training – STATA application in SOK

25.03.2010, Seminar – Industrial Pollution Control

11.02.2010, Seminar – Investigation of Explosions and Bombing Scene, analyses

02.02.2010, Environmental issues on the agenda of Japanese International Cooperation Agency

22.12.2009, First Annual Meeting

29.10.2009, Regional meeting of JICA Alumni Balkans Region Associations, Tirana

03.08.2009, Workshop – Issue Analysis Workshop in Kosovo

14.04.2009, Meeting of three JICA Alumni Assotiations, Prishtina

13.04.2009, Establishment of JICA Alumni Association of Kosova – JAAK