Events 2016/2015


Events in 2016:

08.-09.12.2016, Meeting – Regional Meeting of JICA Balkan Alumni’s, Beograd

05.03.2016, Seminar – “Tourism destination marketing under cooperation between the public and the private sector”, Gracanica- Ulpiana and Junik in the region of Gjakova

04.03.2016, Seminar – Rising awareness and erducation in the PRIMARY SCHOOL “Hasan Prishtina”, REGARDING 3R’ – The role and importance in environmental protection

02.03.2016, Lecture – “Environmental Education”, University of Gjakova “Fehmi Agani”/ Faculty of Education

29.02.2016, Annual JAAK Meeting

16.02.2016, Seminar – Sewage Wastewater treatment – Practices from Japan

30.01.2016, Japan Day, Mitrovica

19.01.2016, Seminar – Food Safety Policy Making and Management, National Institute of Public Health

Events in 2015:

19.12.2015, Meeting – Regional Meeting of JICA Balkan Alumni’s, Skopje

23.11.2015, Seminar – Training: Local Industry Promotion, Centre for Vocational Training Centre “Gjon Nikolle Kazazi”, Gjakova

04.11.2015, Seminar – Training of nurses on the use of infusion pumps, Regional Hospital “Isa Grezda”, Gjakova

27.07.2015, Japan Day, Gjilan

26.02.2015, Workshop – Environmental awareness- Fresh water- Bistrica River, Primary school “Kadri Bistrica” in the village Bistricë

12.02.2015, Seminar – Concepts of Industrial Policy

07.02.2015, Japan Day, Gjakova

05.02.2015, 5th Anniversary of the JAAK establishment

23.01.2015, Seminar – Promotion and Dissemination of Biomass Utilization Technology, MESP