Events 2020/2019


Events in 2020:

22.02.2020, Japan Day, Suhareka

18.02.2020, Seminar – Enhancement of Solid Waste Management Capacities (Advance, Planning and Policy) / Development of Recycling Policy and Advancement of Solid Waste Management Technologies, Prizren

06.-07.02.2020, Meeting – Regional Meeting of JICA Balkan Alumni’s, Kruja

25.01.2020 Workshop – Origami Session

17.01.2020, Seminar – Integrated Agriculture and Rural Development through Participation of Local Farmers

Events in 2019:

19.12.2019, Training – Reproductive Health Management in Emergency situations, with scenario “movement of refugees”

19.03.2019, 10 years anniversary of JICA Cooperation with Kosovo

19.02.2019, Meeting – Regional Meeting of JICA Balkan Alumni’s, Belgrade

26.01.2019, Japan Day, Klina-Drenas

09.01.2019, Lecture – Building Capacities for IT Project Planning